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Roy Jones jr. speaks about working with Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute. Pascal wanted to work with Roy Jones jr. because of Jones expertise with left handed fighters. Jones also spoke about which fighter from all time he would have love to face and who would win, he spoke about Joe Calzaghe , Bernard Hopkins and much more...

Jean Pascal Speaks about fighting Lucian Bute and working with Roy Jones jr. Pascal is excited about this fight and wants to show that he is the Boss in Canada and make history on May 25th, 2013.

Lucian Bute Speaks about fighting Jean Pascal. He is going up in weight from super middleweight to light heavyweight to make the Pascal fight possible. He is very motivated and excited about this fight on May 25th, 2013.

Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute press conference with Roy Jones jr. . Watch what they all have to say about the biggest fight in canadian boxing history. Pascal and Bute were very respectful to each others accomplishments in boxing and are looking forward in facing each other on May 25th, 2013 in Montreal and on HBO.

Watch the Weigh in between Adonis Stevenson vs Darnell Boone ( the rematch). Both fighters were in good shape, focus and ready to go. Do not miss this fight , Friday March 22nd, 2013 in Montreal.

Exclusive interview with Darnell Boone about his rematch with Adonis Stevenson. He talks about his first fight with Stevenson and what will happen in the next fight. He also spoke about his thought on plans for Stevenson to fight Chad Dawson, you do not want to miss what he had to say about this ...

Exclusive interview with Adonis Stevenson who talks about his rematch with Darnell Boone. He also talks about the possibility of fighting Chad Dawson after his win over Boone. We asked him his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute. You don't want to miss what he had to say...

Watch Adonis Stevenson media workout for his fight against the only man who defeated him a few years ago, Darnell Boone ... Adonis seemed to enjoy his training a few days before the fight on Friday March 22nd 2013 in Montreal.

Taken from my cellphone ( sorry for the angle) , must see video clip of Joachim Alcine and trainer Anthony ''chill'' Wilson making a direct challenge to Kevin Bizier at a post fight conference right after Bizier win over Nate Campbell ... Did Bizier accept the challenge??? See this must video clip and see what happens next !!! www.BoxingShow.TV

Jean Pascal speaks about his return to the ring after 19 months and much more... He is looking forward in fighting again, and showing us that he is still one of the best and most exciting boxers out there... Do not miss his fight against Aleksy Kuziemski on Friday December 14th, 2012 in Montreal , Canada.

Jean Pascal is training to fight Aleksy Kuziemski. www.BoxingShow.TV was on hand to watch Jean Pascal return to the ring after more than 18 months following his lost to Bernard Hopkins, he looked focus and in good shape... Do not miss his fight on Friday December 14th, 2012 in Montreal.

Watch the Weigh in Lucian Bute vs Denis Grachev and Allan Green vs Renan St-Juste. Bute looked focus and in good shape and Grachev looked very intense and super ripped and ready to go. Allan Green did not make the weight limit of 175 .. he came in at little over 178 and St-Juste at 172.. Do not miss this fight on Sat, Nov 3rd, 2012.

Lucian talks about his his upcoming fight against Denis Grachev since first fight his lost against Carl Froch. He is more focus and hungry then ever and is ready to come back stonger... He wants to win this fight and then go after a Rematch vs Carl Froch. You do not want to miss what else he had to say about Froch and his thoughts about losing for the first time as a professional.

Denis Grachev talks about his upcoming fight on Saturday November 3rd, 2012 in Montreal against Lucian Bute, who is coming off a devasting KO loss vs Carl Froch. Denis says he wants to apply a similar approach that froch used but with more power. he talks also about his MMA, and Kick boxing career.. which one he thinks is the hardest of all those sports and much more..

Allan Green speaks about his upcoming fight with Renan St-Juste in Montreal on November 3rd 2012. he also speaks about his last fight with Mikkel Kessler and why he could not finish Kessler after he knocked him down... He wants to fight a 175 and stay there .. you do not want to miss what else he had to say...

Renan St-Juste talks about his upcoming fight with super six contender Allan Green. He talks about an opportunity to make a big statement in boxing by beating a known fighter. He is ready for the challenge and is excited to fight Allan Green.

Adonis Stevenson talks about his upcoming fight with Donovan George, he feels this fight will not go the distance and is looking to get anoth KO. He also talks about fighting Carl Froch, and would be ready to go anywhere to make this fight happen...

Adonis Stevenson and David Lemieux media work out. Stevenson is getting ready for his fight with Donovan George and looked in tremendous shape.. Lemieux is getting for his fight with Alvaro Gaona and looked focus and ready to go.

Donovan George talks about his big fight with Adonis Stevenson. He says he is ready for the challenge and knows that Adonis is a big puncher, and feels that someone will get KO because he likes to Brawl as well. He talks about his Idols in boxing and much more...


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